Simplify the Transition to a Career with Purpose

Are You a Women in Tech Who Wants to Change Jobs and Find It Exhausting and Frustrating?

You find yourself talking to your friends about making a change but keep feeling stuck and oscillating about whether or not you will go through with it.

You out job applications to tech companies that you admire day after day without even ONE response.

You haven’t interviewed for what seems like forever and always feel like your answer is one part rambling and one part run-on sentence.

You find yourself avoiding networking with friends and past colleagues because you have no idea what kind of tech job you’re even looking for and have no idea what to say.

The truth is… you want to be seen as a leader in tech and make a real impact, but you have no idea how.

Sitting in a meeting, looking around, you wonder, “Am I getting paid enough for this? And am I asking for enough?

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When I became a Career Coach, I decided to use all the behind-the-scenes information I was privy to as a recruiter. Now I train women in tech to feel prepared, confident, assured, and stand out from the crowd while interviewing.

Laura Leach, SPCC, RCC

As a Certified Career coach, my job is to be your strategic partner. Let me walk you through my 5 Steps to “You’re Hired” Framework.

Here's how it works...

Now imagine our work together is complete...

You finally have career clarity and understand your career non-negotiables, so you don’t keep falling into the same lousy job in tech.

When applying for jobs, you finally feel confident in getting your foot in the side door.  No more feeling demoralized when you get a rejection letter or worse when you get ghosted.

You’ll feel confident after your interview because you know you nailed it!  You were prepared, clear about who you are, the impact you could make, and communicated like a rockstar. 

Your personal brand stands out, so technology companies truly understand the impact you can make and your potential!  This means they are eager to hire you!

You feel confident negotiating a high-paying salary for the experience you bring without leaving money on the table this time.

You convey confidence on the job and have a professional magnetism that influences others.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Here are the Steps to a Brand New Career

Book Your DISCOVERY call

Let’s uncover what’s working, what’s not and what’s is preventing you from moving forward

Create a strategy

Using my proven techniques, we’ll create actionable steps tailored for you get closer to your goal

Love what you do

Together we’ll execute the plan until the final step is taken and have the role you want and the salary you deserve

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