Being Authentic at Work

Being Authentic at Work

Being authentic at work doesn’t mean you have shared all of your dirty laundry (or maybe you already have on Zoom, LOL), but it is critical to feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and engaged – every day. 

We spend a significant portion of our lives at work, and if we’re holding back from being our authentic selves, it can become exhausting and stifling.

Sometimes, it’s a question of being in the wrong workplace; what we do does not align with our core values, and we have made too many compromises. It’s often because we convince ourselves that we need to have a work persona, which has to assimilate, and our real self must stay very private. While there are specific topics best left out of the workplace, authenticity is about being comfortable and confident with who you are. It means your work aligns with your core values, skills, and interests. 

So, what does that look like? Imagine someone you admire or a mentor who made an impact on you. They were probably transparent, displayed honesty and trustworthiness, and maybe even built a kinship with you. They may have shared a few personal stories, which helped you feel connected and comfortable reciprocating with a story of your own. You felt safe and supported with this person because they knew you – the authentic you.

Why were you drawn to this person in the first place? Most likely, it started with their display of self-confidence, curiosity, and genuineness. Authenticity in the workplace is about how you show up. It means making conscious choices about your stories, staying curious, and being flexible without compromising who you really are. When we feel safe to be our true selves, we are more productive, innovative, and engaged. 

This desire to separate ourselves and conform to what is considered a “normal” office persona works against our ability to thrive. You don’t have to be seen as difficult or contradictory by speaking up for your own values; instead, you are true to what matters to you, and you find a way to integrate that within the culture of your workplace. 

Are you looking for help discovering and defining your authentic self? Could you use some assistance in preparing for a career transition or even refining your work persona to capture more of your authentic values? I offer my signature coaching program that will get to the heart of your needs, and I can help you prepare for the next steps that will lead you to embrace your authentic self.

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