Common Mistakes WOMEN (and men) make Negotiating a salary

Mistake #1 – Not even trying

Not negotiating your salary at all. 62% of people never negotiate their salary or only negotiate it occasionally. 72% say they will leave an employer to get a salary bump somewhere else. 

Mistake #2 – Fear

Fear that they will take the offer back, or afraid they are looking too greedy afraid to feel uncomfortable.

Mistake #3 – Being timid

Women are socialized to be less assertive and often use words to seem less aggressive. “I was hoping that we could, or I wonder if we can bump the salary.” 

Here are my 3 tips for negotiating a salary you deserve!

1. Only negotiate in person or by phone if possible. It’s very easy to hide behind email, but it can be misconstrued. 

2. Know your worth. Do the research and understand what the market rate is for the role. You need to be prepared with facts and be able to articulate your value. 

3. Use friendly language but firm. For example, “The base salary is a bit lower than I was anticipating. What upward flexibility do you have here?”

If you’re loving what you’re reading or need help preparing for your career change, book a time on my calendar and we can talk about your worth!

Yours in coaching, Laura

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