Employee Referrals are 4x More Likely to be Hired!

Why do we submit and pray?

Well, it certainly feels like we are productive when we apply. We read the job descriptions a few times; we look at the company background, competitors, revenue.  We learn about the company culture, check out the other people who work there – we even imagine ourselves working there and how our lives would change. Unfortunately, most of the time, we get nothing back in return. We may get a “thanks for applying” message, but rarely do we get a call. After a while, we start to doubt our resume, our LinkedIn profile; we even start examining ourselves. You begin to think that maybe I’m not good enough or something wrong with me.   

Yet we keep applying, hoping for results.   

So why do we keep applying online when we know it doesn’t yield useful results?   

Why do we apply anyway? 

If you are interested in learning better ways to be seen, heard, and considered for a role, let’s chat.

Laura Leach

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