LinkedIn Facelift

Do you feel like...

The “LinkedIn Facelift” session will walk you through the top 4 secrets of making your LinkedIn profile stand out so employers can see the impact you will make in their organization. Each morning, you’ll wake up with recruiters and hiring managers filling your inbox.
What’s included:

45-minute recorded video call where we’ll review your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom. I’ll also answer your specific questions. I will cover the following areas: 


  • The secret to making your headline and “about” summary standout 

  • A quick fix for your headshot to reflect elevated branding

  • The trick to getting recruiters’ attention when it comes to your experience

  • How to get “found” by employers on LinkedIn while still controlling your privacy 

  • You will receive the recorded session, a document with personalized recommendations and action items to make the needed updates, and a profile checklist to ensure you complete all the sections

You’ll feel prepared, confident, and assured you are putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn in under an hour!

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