It’s official. Dreams Jobs do exist! Looking back at clients I noticed a trend. Each one of them found the exact job of their dreams – beyond what we had originally reached for.

Here’s a snapshot of what they did to get there:

☑ Spent the time getting clear on what she wanted to do next.

Sara knew that staying in a toxic work environment was going to take a toll on her health. Her industry was small and looking could expose her. After months of debates, she took the leap – landed a huge regional role with a competitor that gave her more autonomy and creative freedom.

☑ Built a narrative that showed her skills were transferable.

Brenda, knowing that some companies are slow to change and being a woman of color in the insurance industry – knew she needed change. We revamped her narrative to align with pm roles and now, she’s a project manager in a company that focuses on diversity.

☑ Researched her market value compensation. Practiced asking for a higher salary.

Stacey was coming off a contract role and uncertain about the future, she found herself asking should I just take any full-time role? After multiple discussions, she landed a full-time AND negotiated a higher for the first time.

☑ Practiced interview questions and told the right stories.

Pam hadn’t interviewed in 3 years, and was pivoting into a role that she’d a similar experience and some knowledge of the job but lacked the exact technical piece. She was transparent and authentic practicing her stories so that everyone in the interview process understood the value she could bring to the table. She landed a dreamy role at a FAANG company!

☑ Took actionable steps to create a network as part of her job search strategy.

Michelle had been with her company for 18 years (since internship) and never stayed in touch with past colleagues. We focused on her industry, groups, events, and online platforms. We asked a ton of questions and learned about a Director role she was perfect for that hadn’t even been posted!

 If you like these strategies and want to learn more, reach out to me and we can have a quick chat!

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